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Traci Rochester

Design Consultancy, Design Production, Software Training & Design Workshops

Traci is the founder of Boost and has been training for over 20 years. She recognised a need for clear, calm and authoritative instruction in both graphic design software and business workshops, with a little less emphasis on tech manuals and more on solid, extensive industry and business experience. She has the uncanny knack of simplifying complex subjects in a way that people of all learning styles can understand (she attributes this to “a bizarre and beneficial advantage to having dyslexia”). She has taught brand managers, creative directors, business owners and independent artists alike in how to design for business and consumers. She finds it particularly thrilling to help business founders, saying “If I had been offered the same services when I started up my own business, I’d have bitten their hand off”. People like her supportive and approachable style, but equally evident is her vast experience and technical expertise in design, business and publications.

Traci is here to help you with:

  • Brand procurement consultancy
  • Online technology ‘bridge’ course
  • Business start-up course
  • Design workshops for business output
  • Adobe Illustrator training
  • Adobe Photoshop training
  • Adobe InDesign training
  • Quark Xpress training

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Traci Rochester

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