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"Traci designed and ran a very successful training day for us here at Pitman Training Taunton, for those customers using Apple Mac in their businesses. Traci successfully managed a range of skill abilities and levels through a variety of topics resulting in a constructive and enjoyable day. Customer feedback was very positive, which has lead to repeat business for us. Traci will be delivering further training for us in the future."

D Frankland (Pittman Training)

"Traci has presented on a few of my Women into Enterprise NVQ3 in Business Start-up Courses. She turned the potentially complicated subject of web design into something that was easy to understand and not so daunting. When starting a new business, the last thing you need is to spend money unnecessarily, Traci ensured that the group understood how to move their website forward at each stage of their business and what type of designer they would need. Thank you for your help!"

S Marchant (Bristol Cambers of Commerce)

"Excellent training, I haven't come across anything this good before. The typography was interesting, plus the psychological side of brands, colours and moods. Excellent!"

N Shogbola (Wilberforce Barristers Chambers)

"Thank you for the training earlier in the year, which has been really useful"

D Sully (Bristol City Museum)

"I have found Tracey to be completely professional, expert in her tuition"

S Herdman (National Trust)

"I enjoyed the course. Thanks for you help I really got a lot out of it."

M Risdale (3000 3D)

"Great course; we're deeply appreciative of your very helpful - and patient - tuition skills"

M Wright (Denis Wright Ltd)

"Excellent clarity and delivery. Excellent knowledge and presentation."

T Porter (Future Network PLC)

"Very favourable. Information was clear, concise and well-presented. [Traci] was humorous, gave clarity, and was helpful."


D Shrewsbury (Future Network PLC)

"Not only does Traci know her stuff, she knows how to share that knowledge in a relaxed and cheerful manner so that even a non-techie person like me can grasp it. I like the way she tailor-makes courses to fit your requirements, and encourages questions, however basic."


W Smith (BBC Worldwide)

"Very informative - learnt a lot of very USEFUL information. Traci is very clear and calm."


T Ball (Future Network PLC)

"Thank you so much for the training notes. They're splendid. So clear. I've no excuse for not putting them into practice!"


M Wilson (Independent Artist)

"Very knowledgeable."


B Abbott (Future Network PLC)

"Traci is very knowledgeable and eager to help."


M Gillman (Future Network PLC)

"Great, learnt lots of new extras. Tracey knows her stuff"


S Middleweek (Future Network PLC)

"Excellent, easy to follow, fun"


A Duce (Future Network PLC)

"Very good. Traci broke it down into easy sections and by allowing us to use the software ourselves helped with the learning process."

J McAllister (Future Network PLC)

"Very good, well structured, clearly explained ... Traci is very patient!"


T Tucker (The Content Marketing Association)

"Very informative, excellent tuition. Excellent knowledge."

V Hill (Future Network PLC)


J Lumley (Fig Jewellery)

"Great! Very useful intro to Web code. Very clear, well-paced."

W Groves (Future Network PLC)

"Very patient and clearly explained"

Robert Hale (Future Network PLC)

"Of most value? I can NOT be blinded by CSS science by colleagues!"

I Miller (Future Network PLC)

"Very in-depth and clear delivery"

Chris Sucker (Future Network PLC)

"The information was done in small easy chunks which was easy to understand and digest"

J McAllister (Future Network PLC)

"Very clear, and very helpful when I needed help. Traci has very good knowledge and was very informative."

Daniel Vincent (Future Network PLC)

"Very in-depth and practical"
T Glencross (Future Network PLC)

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