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Lucy Ashfield & Team

Editorial Consultancy, Editorial Content and Editorial & Legal Training

Lucy and her team are dedicated to the written word. They will guide you in how best to express your values on a personal or corporate level to achieve your objectives; whether it’s writing a CV, a press release or a conference speech. The team will help you drill down to the essentials whilst maximising the authenticity and power in what you want to convey. With litigation and lawsuits a constant concern for all businesses that produce or present themselves through media, Lucy and colleagues will also ensure you have all your bases covered on their Writing for Media Law training course. When it comes to the written word, Lucy really knows her stuff.

Lucy and colleagues are here to help you with:

  • Editorial and writing skills training
  • Writing for digital media training
  • PR writing training
  • Writing for business and marketing training
  • Training in writing for media law
  • Training in journalistic skills

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