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"In addition to providing top-level design training services, Boost is also an established design agency and consultancy. For over a decade, Managing Director Traci Rochester and her hand-picked team of experienced creative professionals have been picking up plaudits for their work on books and brochures to websites and company branding."

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“What’s special about Boost is that we listen properly to every prospective client we meet,” says Traci, whose long list of qualifications includes a BSc (Hon.s) in Psychology and a BA (Hon.s) in Graphic Design.

“We don’t simply want to deliver variants on a standard communications solution; we want to formulate a completely one-off plan, targeted at a specific audience for a specific purpose to ensure that you get the best value from it.

"It’s a kind of alternative to our design training business – instead of training your in-house staff, you can buy in the services of professionals who know the industry inside out and backwards. It’s a bespoke service from the initial brief to the finished production and delivery. Because we’re a small team without too many overheads, we can offer this custom-shop service at a very competitive price."

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