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Become a Pro Designer in a Week

Watch out for our new “Become a Pro Designer in a Week” course! Hot off the press, with input from consummate professional designers – all with a BA (Hon.s) in design behind them, this course will teach you about the theory in über-fast real time – for both print and web!

Increasingly, we are being asked to provide design software courses to marketers and business owners, when often what they really lack is the design awareness and insight that comes from a comprehensive design education.

Look no further …

Like most degree qualifications, a lot of what you learn will never be used in the real world. But our special week’s tuition pares it all down, at a breakneck pace, so you can apply everything you learn to the industry you’re in. At a fraction of the cost of a 3-year degree, we’ll provide you with vital skills to stand confidently alongside designers with a more formal education.

Whether you’re designing for clients or for your own business, you will gain amazing insight into the arsenal of tactics designers use, some of it psychological, some visual, as well as technical and practical.  Our chief trainer has over two decades of experience in the design industry, from website design to branding, and from packaging design to coffee table books. Want a course with more emphasis in certain areas? – no problem! Just give us a call on 0845 0949 789.

And if you lack the Adobe software skills, you can also sign up for our new “Adobe Graphic Design in 1 Week” course to ensure you can design AND produce amazing work to exacting briefs, anywhere in the real world.

After our design courses, no one will guess you don’t have a degree in graphic design!

Become a Pro Designer in a Week

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