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"Before the [Branding Bridge] course, we'd been very disappointed with our design agency. They hadn't even asked us about the history of our business."


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Training serviceswe provide

All the training you need in launching, branding, marketing, promoting, managing, protecting and leading a business, through essential skillsets, business knowledge and polished output.

Branding Bridge Course for Procurers and Design Agencies
Understanding brand management and procurement to forge a strong client-agency relationship.

Digital Marketing e-Modules
Crucial online marketing guidance in handy bite-sized CPD form.


Hands-on business consultancy to ensure fantastic improvements in business skills, including team, time, presentation, sales and leadership management.

Adobe Design
Training for Business

We will teach your staff how to use professional software to produce polished business design and marketing output.

Business Start-up Bridge Course
What to put in place when launching a business in today’s market.

Business Skills e-Modules
Handy short tips that count towards CPD points and provide crucial guidance on business and management.

Online Technology Bridge Course
Get up to speed with current technology, terms and strategies to converse confidently with suppliers and enhance your customer journey.

Health and Safety e-Modules
Important CPD training in health, safety and safeguarding in the workplace.

Design Theory Workshops for Business

We will teach your staff the theory behind the software, to use Adobe and Quark software skills to maximum effect for your business returns.

Writing and Editorial Training

Writing, editorial, and PR skills, as well as courses on and Media law, copyright and intellectual property.

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Excellent training, I haven't come across anything this good before. The typography was interesting, plus the psychological side of brands, colours and moods. Excellent!


(Brand Design Workshop)

I have found Traci to be completely professional, expert in her tuition


(Quark Xpress for Editors)

I enjoyed the course. Thanks for your help, I really got a lot out of it.


Illustrator (task-driven)

Great course; we're deeply appreciative of your very helpful - and patient - tuition skills


(PhotoShop – Bespoke, Entry)

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By Boost Admin | 9th August 2017

According to research done by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the design industry is 90% white and around 60% male (2017). When you’ve worked in the design industry for decades, you get to see lots of changes in the working environment. However, in terms of the design training enquiries we receive…

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Safeguarding and caring … and putting something back

By Boost Admin | 25th July 2017

There has been a raft of events over the last 6 weeks aimed at raising awareness about Safeguarding children and adults. These have included International Children’s Day, Child Safety week, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and Festival of Learning. If your work entails looking after vulnerable adults or children, we offer CPD accredited short and…

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Become a Pro Designer in a Week

By Boost Admin | 14th July 2017

Watch out for our new “Become a Pro Designer in a Week” course! Hot off the press, with input from consummate professional designers – all with a BA (Hon.s) in design behind them, this course will teach you about the theory in über-fast real time – for both print and web! Increasingly, we are being…

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Meet ourprinciple trainers


The founder of Boost, Traci has a hugely diverse and impressive range of business design experience in publishing, online and offline graphics, advertising, branding and the media. Her skills in communication and simplification make her a highly sought-after trainer and ongoing design consultant.


Working with some of the top-grossing firms nationwide, Simon delivers crucial business development training and guidance to ensure the smooth internal operations of your company.


Lucy and her team deliver training in business writing, PR, media and editorial skills. They do everything from writing reports, to copyright and intellectual property law, and all the bits in between.

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